Oct 4, 2018

Using Adrenaline to Save Cardiac Patients Can Cause Brain Damage

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You may have seen it in the movies or on television, or, horribly, in real life – when doctors or emergency personnel use an epinephrine (also called adrenaline) shot in an attempt to restore a heartbeat in a patient suffering cardiac arrest. This is a traditional procedure with paramedics, in hospitals, and emergency rooms, but [...]

Sep 19, 2018

Over 50 Percent of Doctors Suffering From Workplace Burnout, According to New Study

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You place a considerable amount of trust in your doctor for your health care needs. You do so because you expect him or her to have the education and experience in medicine to provide you with the best treatment methods possible. However, doctors are human just like anyone else. They face pressures in the workplace [...]

Sep 6, 2018

Can Comparative Research Make It Easier to Obtain Safe Medications?

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The pharmaceutical industry routinely complains about the length of time it takes the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to secure approval for prescription drugs in the marketplace. They often point to rigorous clinical trials that are excessively long and drawn out – and often fail to point out how often those “rigorously tested” drugs still [...]

Aug 23, 2018

Did You Suffer Injury During a Bowel Surgery?

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No surgery or procedure is risk-free. However, with an understanding of the risks involved, you are right to expect your surgeon to provide you the highest level of care when performing any type of surgical procedure. Not even the best doctors in the world are exempt from making a mistake that can cause grievous and [...]

Aug 9, 2018

Why Won’t Hospitals Prevent Mothers from Dying after Childbirth?

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There are few events more exciting than giving birth to a baby. For many, the birth day is the greatest day of their lives, and they cannot wait to get home and start life with their newest member of their family. But not all birthdays go according to plan. Sometimes, it’s the mother who is [...]

Jul 26, 2018

Pregnancy and Lyme Disease

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Nice weather means spending more time outdoors. Of course, nature has its dangers. Sunburn, poison ivy, allergies—all of these can cause a person trouble, but probably none as much as ticks and the potential for dreaded Lyme disease. Every year, state health departments and the District of Columbia report about 30,000 cases of Lyme disease [...]

Jun 26, 2018

Untreated Jaundice and Kernicterus in Newborns

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Approximately 60% of babies born in the United States have a small amount of jaundice in the days following birth. A yellowing of the skin, eyes, and tissues, jaundice usually goes away within a few days as the baby continues its development and the liver starts to do its work. Kernicterus, however, is a severe [...]

Jun 14, 2018

Federal Judge Denies Plan to Take $200M Out of Medical Malpractice Fund in PA

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A little good news for medical malpractice victims: On May 17, a federal judge pulled $200 million from Pennsylvania's state budget by tossing a law that appropriated the surplus from a state-created medical malpractice fund. Stating that the 2017 law violated the U.S. Constitution, U.S. District Judge Christopher Conner sided with the plaintiff, Pennsylvania Professional [...]

May 31, 2018

Holding Medical Professionals Accountable for Birth Injuries

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Giving birth is miraculous and natural, and we typically have doctors and medical staff with us to guide the process along and ensure both the mother and baby are healthy and safe. Babies especially are vulnerable during birth and delivery. Carelessness or negligence before or during delivery, or using too much force with medical instruments, [...]

May 17, 2018

Pharma Company Ramps Up Pricing for Cancer Drug Ahead of Potential Lower Dosage Announcement

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Research conducted by the nonprofit Value in Cancer Care Consortium recently suggested that a popular cancer drug that typically costs $148,000 per year for patients could work just as effectively in smaller doses, potentially cutting costs down to about $50,000 annually. However, the Washington Post  reported that the manufacturer has gotten approval for a new [...]