Jan 23, 2015

Ohio Woman Dies After Receiving Anesthetic

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Wilma Parlett of Springboro went in for a routine MRI on July 14 last year. She had a history of claustrophobia, and requested anesthesia before she was placed in the MRI machine. Only minutes after she was given endotracheal anesthesia and flipped onto her stomach for the MRI, her skin darkened. The doctors on hand [...]

Jan 20, 2015

Remembering a Historic Verdict in WV Birth Injury Lawsuit

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We are coming up on the anniversary of a historically large verdict. A Lehigh County jury awarded a $55 million verdict to the Crowells, formerly of Lehigh Valley. The family sued St. Luke’s University Hospital and Dr. Ronald Kirner for medical malpractice. In November 2009, Mark and Sharon Crowell went to St. Luke’s to have [...]

Jan 8, 2015

University of Cincinnati Medical Center Penalized by Medicare

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Many hospitals are reimbursed by Medicare for certain services; as of October of 2014, however, 721 of those hospitals saw a little less money than usual. That is because Medicare has cut their reimbursement by 1% to facilities that made preventable errors during the course of their patient care. The University of Cincinnati Medical Center [...]