Feb 27, 2015

New Technology May Help Docs to Effectively Detect Concussions

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Concussions are a common but usually minor form of brain injury. The National Institute of Health defines a concussion as “... a short loss of normal brain function in response to a head injury.” Symptoms can include confusion, slurred speech, nausea or vomiting, difficulty walking or speaking, weakness or decreased coordination, and seizures. Though a [...]

Feb 25, 2015

Brain Injury 101: Concussions

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Every time a person hits his or her head, that person risks a brain injury – even a seemingly minor one. The word “concussion” is often used to describe any minor injury to the head or brain, but a true concussion is in a fact a brief loss of normal brain function as the result [...]

Feb 20, 2015

West Virginia State Senate Forgets Who it Works For

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The West Virginia State Senate – a body of elected officials – passed Senate Bill 6 on Tuesday which (among other things) limits non-economic damages in cases of nursing home abuse to $250,000. The bill is not yet a law, but an overwhelming amount of Senators voted for it pass. In fact, only Senator Mike [...]

Feb 17, 2015

Toledo Couple Awarded $10.9M in Malpractice Suit

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Jennifer Billups of Toledo suffered a stroke during her pregnancy after being told by a physician that she did not need to go to the hospital. In March 2012, Mrs. Billups was 26 weeks pregnant when she experienced severe abdominal pain coupled with a severe headache. She called her OB/GYN and received a return phone [...]

Feb 13, 2015

Duke Medical Malpractice Trial Delayed Again

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In 2006, Anil Potti was selected to head a lab at the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policies at Duke University. In July 2010, Mr. Potti was accused of falsifying his resume by claiming to have received a number of prizes that he never received, including a prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. It was this information that [...]

Feb 9, 2015

Choosing The Right Nursing Home

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When it comes time to provide a level of care for an aging relative, many families turn to long-term care facilities. However, choosing the right nursing home can be a daunting task. There are a number of factors that sometimes get left out as people begin to panic about money. When choosing the right nursing [...]

Feb 2, 2015

West Virginia Woman Alleges Nursing Home Negligence Led to Resident’s Death

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Elizabeth Kenny has filed suit against Eldercare Rehabilitation and various subsidiaries citing negligent hiring, supervision, and training of its employees following the death of her father, Douglas Patterson. Her complaint alleges that during her father’s stay at Eldercare from 2012 to 2014, the facility failed to provide adequate fluids, failed to monitor and assess his [...]