Apr 24, 2015

Nursing Home Bedsores? New Tech Says No More

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In yet another lawsuit filed against nursing home giant Genesis Healthcare, Joyce Stevens claims her mother, Sharon Burge, suffered bedsores, infection, and weight loss among other symptoms at a Genesis facility. The lawsuit claims that the injuries Mrs. Burge suffered were the result of understaffed facilities and overworked caregivers. While neglect is inexcusable, immobility can [...]

Apr 14, 2015

Hospital Officials Shrug Off Nurses Injuries

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A recent investigative series by National Public Radio has detailed the struggles of nurses around the country who were injured on the job. According to the series, officials at most hospitals fail to do much about injuries that affect their nursing staff. A particularly poignant example is provided by the case of Terry Cawthorn. Mrs. [...]

Apr 9, 2015

Devastated Parents Sue Pediatrician

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Gabriel Griffith was a healthy 7-year-old in 2010. Over a December weekend, he began vomiting. His parents, Tabitha and Carl, took him to Dr. Ann Lambernedis at Teays Pediatrics. The doctors at Teays were not only unable to find the cause of the vomiting, but failed even to take Gabriel’s pulse during his initial visit. [...]

Apr 6, 2015

Compartment Syndrome: What You Need to Know

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Last year, Philip Duquette was taken by ambulance to the emergency room at Preston Memorial Hospital with severe pain and swelling in his right leg. Duquette was seen by doctor and told he needed a Doppler study on his leg, but he would not be able to get the test for three days. He was [...]