Oct 29, 2015

Kentucky Nursing Homes Want Less Stringent Regulations

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Regulations are put into effect to help keep people safe. In the case of Kentucky nursing homes, however, it appears that administrators are less concerned with their patients and more concerned with their own comfort and profits. According to the Washington Times, “Betsy Johnson, executive director of the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities, appeared [...]

Oct 21, 2015

The FDA Is Investigating Essure Contraceptive

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The Essure contraceptive device was developed by Conceptus, Inc., a subsidiary of Bayer AG. After being approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Essure has been on the market for over a decade. The device consists of two coils made from a nickel alloy that are designed to produce scar tissue in the fallopian tubes, [...]

Oct 14, 2015

Football and Traumatic Brain Injury; A Real Life Example

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  On this blog, we have covered the signs and symptoms of concussions and traumatic brain injury (TBI), various types of treatments and rehabilitative therapy, and its various causes and effects. However, it is difficult to actually capture the essential nature of the problem in writing. A recent story from Wisconsin brings home the difficulty [...]

Oct 1, 2015

New Novel Raises Concerns About Elder Abuse

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In 1960, Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill A Mockingbird was published. A beloved figure, Lee has mostly been notable for her absence in the public spotlight. In the years following the publication of her masterpiece, she declined to speak at nearly every event that requested her, and has published only a handful of [...]