Mar 30, 2016

National Practitioner Data Bank Reports for Ohio and Kentucky Reveal Critical Errors

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Last month, we wrote about a controversial study that revealed dangerous trends in medical malpractice. The debate over the findings re-visited important questions about the effectiveness of the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), which the president of the American Medical Association called “inherently flawed.” A non-profit group called Public Citizen works to promote citizen interests [...]

Mar 22, 2016

Understanding The Xarelto Problem

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Xarelto has been the subject of intense scrutiny recently. The drug, approved for use in 2011, is prescribed to millions of patients every year. However, new information is raising questions about the safety and effectiveness of the drug. If Xarelto is tainted, millions of people are at risk. Below, we’ll break down what we know [...]

Mar 16, 2016

Johnson & Johnson Talc Verdict Sets Precedent For Nearly 1,200 Pending Claims

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After a short trial, a Missouri state jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay the family of Jacqueline Fox a staggering $72 million in damages. Fox died at age 62 from ovarian cancer. Her family claimed that her cancer was caused in part by her lifelong use of baby powder and other feminine hygiene products [...]

Mar 8, 2016

Nursing Home Murder Raises Questions About Kentucky’s Mental Health Regulation

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A murder at a Scottsville nursing home left residents shaken and concerned for their safety. The incident occurred on February 25. The Scottsville Police Department was notified by a 911 call that a resident had murdered another patient. So far, the nursing home has remained silent concerning the incident. The victim was 71-year-old Gary Glueck. [...]

Mar 1, 2016

Forget Tiny Houses: the Granny Pod is here

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The official name is “temporary family health-care structure,” but no one calls them that. The “granny pod” is the latest idea to help caregivers protect their loved ones without the need of a nursing home or assisted living. The structures are expensive – up to $125,000, in some cases – but when you consider the [...]