Apr 27, 2016

Digital Medication Orders Do Not Stop All Fatal Medication Errors

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There are some benefits to digitizing a patient’s health records and medication orders. Everything is always in one place and easily transferred, and no one has to deal with the almost mythically illegible handwriting of doctors. For all of the help these digital systems purport to offer, however, a surprisingly large number of fatal errors [...]

Apr 20, 2016

Paducah Senator Danny Carroll Believes Kentucky Is Too Tough On Nursing Homes

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Last September, Betsy Johnson, the director the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities, complained to a legislative committee that rules regarding patient safety were too strict. A few short weeks later, Sherry Culp, the Kentucky State Long Term Care Ombudsman, responded to that claim; suffice it to say, the two agencies did not see eye [...]

Apr 12, 2016

Medical Malpractice is So Complicated, Even the Courts Don’t Always Know What to Do

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In early January, we wrote about a medical malpractice case eight years in the making. In that blog, we talked about David Antoon’s struggle with the Cleveland Clinic, and how a lawsuit filed because of a botched surgery ended up being dismissed because the plaintiff’s records were unreasonably held. The Ohio Supreme Court heard oral [...]

Apr 5, 2016

E-Prescriptions Were Supposed to End Prescription Errors

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The digitization of the healthcare industry was supposed to be revolutionary. Electronic medical records and prescriptions would essentially eliminate preventable errors and make unwanted drug interactions a thing of the past. Care would become streamlined and efficient, and deciphering the illegible scrawl of doctors everywhere would be a thing of the past. It was, and [...]