Jul 26, 2016

Avoid Healthcare-Associated Infections by Being a Safe Patient

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Most people don’t actually want to go to the hospital. Whether you planned the visit (for a planned surgical procedure) or not (for an ER visit), you likely want to get well as quickly as possible and get back to your home and regular routine. You rely on the doctors at the hospital to help [...]

Jul 20, 2016

Choose Your Sunscreen Wisely

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Last year, we wrote about the importance of choosing and using the right sunscreen to protect you and yours during summer fun in the sun. In that article, we referenced a Consumer Reports publication that provided guidelines for choosing a good sunscreen. Those recommendations included things like SPF ratings, broad-spectrum coverage, and proper use. A [...]

Jul 13, 2016

University of Louisville Hospital Deemed “Unsafe” by One of Its Own Surgeons

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We tell our clients to do their research before they choose a hospital (provided, of course, it is not a life-or-death emergency). That research may have gotten a little bit easier, as a surgeon at the University of Louisville just called out his own hospital, claiming that the facility has “never been worse in the [...]

Jul 5, 2016

The Birth Injuries Most Often Caused By Medical Malpractice

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A birth injury can be congenital or the result of negligence; whatever the cause, birth injury is always scary. Some injuries are only temporary, and a full recovery can be expected. Others have effects that last a forever; young families can suddenly find themselves facing a lifetime of support and medical care. When your healthcare [...]