Sep 27, 2016

Another Kentucky Nursing Home Under Investigation by the State

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Another senior living facility in Lexington, Kentucky is under investigation by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. This particular case is a little different, however: there have been no allegations of physical abuse. Instead, the facility is being investigated because of its employees’ use of social media in regards to their residents. Lex18.com [...]

Sep 13, 2016

Bad Doctors Make Great Consultants – Just Ask a Pharmaceutical Company

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Because of the work we do, we try to alert our clients about potentially dangerous drugs or defective products, so that they can speak with their doctors if they have concerns before those concerns become a serious, perhaps life-altering, problem. Over the years, we have examined the errors reporting by hospitals in Kentucky and Ohio, [...]

Sep 7, 2016

Deep Brain Stimulation May Offer Some Hope to Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury

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One of the really tricky parts of treating traumatic brain injuries is that they are not always consistent. One person in a rear-end collision may walk away fine; another in a similar collision with similar impact could end up in a coma. And while that may sound extreme, the truth is that doctors often struggle [...]