Jul 26, 2017

Mix Ups at the Lab Lead to Misdiagnoses and Delayed Diagnoses of Cancer Each Year

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There are few words more frightening than “You have cancer.” The disease is complicated and nuanced, and one strain of the disease may differ enough from the next that finding a real cure is not possible. So if the doctor who told you that you tested positive calls you a few days later to say [...]

Jul 18, 2017

Kentucky Has Some News Laws in Effect That We Think You Should Know About

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The Kentucky General Assembly fast-tracked a number of laws earlier this year, but 17 of them went into effect within the last couple of weeks. You can find the full list here, but there were two we wanted to address specifically: HB 333 and SB 4. HB 333 is an act relating to controlled substances [...]

Jul 12, 2017

What is Your Local Hospital’s Safety Score?

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When we must check into a hospital, we may make a lot of assumptions about how safe it is, how clean it is, the bedside manner of the doctors and nursing staff. You might hear anecdotal comments about how someone caught a hospital-acquired infection from one hospital, while another person might say that the nurses [...]

Jul 6, 2017

How Big Pharma’s Manipulation of Doctors Costs You Money

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If you watch a commercial on television for the latest, cool widget, do you think it might influence you to buy that particular widget? What if the company that makes those widgets took you out to lunch and told you all the reasons their widget was not like the others – even when the others [...]