Sep 27, 2017

A Controversy is Brewing Over Ohio Health Care Workers’ Requirement to Get the Flu Vaccine to Keep Their Jobs

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On one side of the issue, there is conservative lawmaker, Christina Hagan, R-Alliance, who is supporting legislation that is making its way through the legislature that would eliminate flu vaccine requirements for hospital workers because she wants to "empower Ohioans" to refuse the flu vaccine without the threat of losing their jobs. Hagen, in a [...]

Sep 20, 2017

The Potential Dangers of Keyhole Surgery

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Keyhole surgeries are minimally invasive procedures in which small incisions are used to facilitate various surgical procedures. While they are meant to involve less pain and hospitalization, these surgeries still have risks. When patients are injured during keyhole surgery, the surgeon and hospital staff may be liable. How keyhole surgery is performed Keyhole surgery is [...]

Sep 14, 2017

Statute of Limitations Places a Strain on Misdiagnosed Cancer Patients

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A cancer misdiagnosis can turn a serious disease into a deadly problem. The degenerative nature of cancer causes it to worsen if not treated in a timely and adequate manner. Misdiagnoses delay treatment and place the patient at an increased risk of harm. Further complicating these situations is the fact that a state's statute of [...]

Sep 6, 2017

The Lies Doctors Tell Their Patients

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When you go to see your doctor for health advice or because you are injured or ill, you probably assume that your doctor is always telling you the truth. Maybe we believe that doctors always tell the truth because we know that doctors must take an oath before they begin practicing. However, taking the Hippocratic [...]