Oct 17, 2017

What Happens When You Report Nursing Home Abuse in Kentucky?

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Elder abuse and neglect is a crime, but it is one that too often goes unreported because it occurs in places hidden from public view. As much as they would love to be able to visit more often, the loved ones of nursing home residents are often away for days or weeks at a time, [...]

Oct 12, 2017

Common Questions About Medical Mistakes that Cause Injuries

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Whether your doctor failed to diagnose a deadly disease like cancer, they operated on the wrong part of your body, or if your newborn was injured in a botched delivery, medical malpractice takes many forms. Those who have been injured by their doctor or in a health care setting may have a lot of questions [...]

Oct 5, 2017

Opioid Pain Medication Theft in Kentucky Nursing Homes

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One of the hidden aspects of the opioid epidemic is drug diversion, and this crime is showing up in nursing homes in Kentucky and throughout the United States. Drug diversion is defined as the unlawful channeling of regulated pharmaceuticals from legal sources to the illicit marketplace, which includes transferring drugs to people they were not [...]