Oct 18, 2018

A.I. and Medicine – When Mistakes Are Made, Who Is to Blame?

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If you're injured during surgery or another medical procedure, you can be reasonably sure that one of your health professionals may have been responsible. With technology advancing rapidly every day, however, what happens if your surgery was performed by a machine? If you're injured during a robotic surgery or procedure, who is responsible? Can you [...]

Oct 4, 2018

Using Adrenaline to Save Cardiac Patients Can Cause Brain Damage

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You may have seen it in the movies or on television, or, horribly, in real life – when doctors or emergency personnel use an epinephrine (also called adrenaline) shot in an attempt to restore a heartbeat in a patient suffering cardiac arrest. This is a traditional procedure with paramedics, in hospitals, and emergency rooms, but [...]