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Nov 8, 2018

68 People Left Partially Blind from Knockoff Cataract Drug

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Buzzfeed News recently published a shocking report about nearly 70 patients who say they were blinded or left partially blind by an off-brand version of the cataract drug TriMoxi. TriMoxi is a medication used to speed up healing, eliminating the need for eye drops after cataract surgery. The Buzzfeed article highlights the story of Curtis [...]

Jul 20, 2016

Choose Your Sunscreen Wisely

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Last year, we wrote about the importance of choosing and using the right sunscreen to protect you and yours during summer fun in the sun. In that article, we referenced a Consumer Reports publication that provided guidelines for choosing a good sunscreen. Those recommendations included things like SPF ratings, broad-spectrum coverage, and proper use. A [...]

Mar 22, 2016

Understanding The Xarelto Problem

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Xarelto has been the subject of intense scrutiny recently. The drug, approved for use in 2011, is prescribed to millions of patients every year. However, new information is raising questions about the safety and effectiveness of the drug. If Xarelto is tainted, millions of people are at risk. Below, we’ll break down what we know [...]

Mar 16, 2016

Johnson & Johnson Talc Verdict Sets Precedent For Nearly 1,200 Pending Claims

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After a short trial, a Missouri state jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay the family of Jacqueline Fox a staggering $72 million in damages. Fox died at age 62 from ovarian cancer. Her family claimed that her cancer was caused in part by her lifelong use of baby powder and other feminine hygiene products [...]