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Dec 13, 2017

Hospice Agencies Are Failing Patients When They Need Care the Most

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A recent news story in TIME Magazine detailed the agony that a doctor who had served his Alaska community for 30 years faced when he and his wife needed immediate help. The doctor was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and was given a short time left to live. When his wife contacted the hospice near their [...]

Oct 26, 2016

Nursing Homes Have Used Wells Fargo Tactics for Years to Avoid Prosecution

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Wells Fargo has been making headlines for their shady business practices since September, when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other agencies fined the bank $185 million. The agencies alleged that employees of the bank opened banking and credit accounts without customers’ knowledge or permission for more than four years. During that time, Wells Fargo [...]

Feb 16, 2016

Kentucky Based Therapy Provider Pays Massive Fine for False Medicare Claims

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Louisville-based Kindred Healthcare has settled a lawsuit with Federal prosecutors for an astounding $125 million. The settlement stems from a Department of Justice investigation of RehabCare, which was acquired by Kindred Healthcare in 2011. RehabCare provides physical, occupational and speech therapy services in 47 states. The complaint According to the Department of Justice, an investigation [...]

Nov 20, 2015

What are the Effects of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect on the Elderly?

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Elder abuse can fall into various categories, including physical, emotional or sexual. It also includes neglect, abandonment and financial exploitation. Those who perpetrate the abuse can include family members, a spouse, nursing home staff members and strangers. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, elder abuse is experienced by one in every ten [...]

Nov 13, 2015

Everyone Can Learn from West Seattle Nursing Home

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Providence Mount St. Vincent retirement home in West Seattle has embraced a concept that has made waves across the country, and everyone should take a page from their book. Twenty-three years ago, the administrators of the home created the “Intergenerational Learning Center,” or ILC, to help residents develop a sense of community. Charlene Boyd, administrator [...]

Nov 5, 2015

Long Term Care in Kentucky is NOT Over-Regulated

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In September, the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities complained about “overly strict enforcement of rules meant to ensure safety of residents.” The issue at hand was the purported over-regulation of nursing homes and long term care facilities in the state. We covered that story recently, but events since that legislative hearing make this information [...]

Oct 29, 2015

Kentucky Nursing Homes Want Less Stringent Regulations

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Regulations are put into effect to help keep people safe. In the case of Kentucky nursing homes, however, it appears that administrators are less concerned with their patients and more concerned with their own comfort and profits. According to the Washington Times, “Betsy Johnson, executive director of the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities, appeared [...]

Oct 1, 2015

New Novel Raises Concerns About Elder Abuse

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In 1960, Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill A Mockingbird was published. A beloved figure, Lee has mostly been notable for her absence in the public spotlight. In the years following the publication of her masterpiece, she declined to speak at nearly every event that requested her, and has published only a handful of [...]

Sep 16, 2015

Family Awarded $18 Million in Horrific Nursing Home Wrongful Death Case

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A jury recently awarded the family of Eliza Jennings $18 million in a wrongful death suit against The Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Berea, Kentucky. The jury awarded $9.5 million, just under the maximum amount allowable, for punitive damages because of the poor treatment Jennings received. Jennings was left in wet diapers for prolonged [...]

Jul 27, 2015

Emotional Elder Abuse: Know the Signs and Symptoms

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When a loved one is in a nursing home, it falls (at least partially) to family members to look after that person’s well-being. After the emotionally draining process of choosing the right nursing home and making sure your loved one is comfortable and in the right environment, it can be difficult to discern whether changes [...]